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A Tribute to Jean Jaquenod: the first recording at San Salvador

The audio music CD is available!


The musical program, performed by Jean Jaquenod and featuring the voice of Roberto Spremulli, aims to bring out to the full, the silvery and majestic sonority of the Ahrend organ in San Salvador. It offers examples of sixteenth-century Po Valley and Venetian organ literature. The concert pieces follow one another in a sort of anthology and exemplify the ancient function of the instrument during a sung Sunday Mass, and ranging over the repertoire of some of the greatest composers of that period.

Up until the late sixteenth century, the liturgical role of the organ was exclusively soloistic: the sound of the instrument, in fact, would accompany both the processional entrances- as highlighted by the first track of Marco Antonio Cavazzoni, Avanti la messa –and the long moments of silence during the Offertory and the Canone (known as the “elevazione”; Eucharistic Prayer), as performed in the "La spiritata" by Giovanni Gabrieli and Ricercar del quarto tuono by Claudio Merulo, respectively. The Canzon ariosa by Andrea Gabrieli acts as an "after the reading of the Epistle", occupying– in the customary manner- the entire section of the proprium missae corresponding to the Graduale and Alleluia hymns and chants.

A significant part of the CD is then dedicated to the technique of the alternatim, in which the organ music begins a genuine “dialogue” with the sung verses of the ordinarium missae, following a tradition that has its roots in the late Middle Ages. The Gregorian verses of the Missa Orbis Factor, sung by Roberto Spremulli, alternate with the organ performing the Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, and Agnus Dei of the Missa in Dominicis Diebus by Claudio Merulo. The verses of the Credo I are responded to by the dominicis diebus by Girolamo Cavazzoni, author also of Canzon sopra Falt d'argent, proposed here as the Communion accompanying piece.

The program ends with the Capriccio XI by Girolamo Frescobaldi from Ferrara, with his Obligo di cantare la Quinta parte senza toccarla, in which the vocals participate in a counterpoint on the keyboard, performing in turn repeatedly the same musical bridge, according to a characteristic device of the composer.

List of music CD track titles

  • Marco Antonio Cavazzoni, Avanti la Messa (2.30)
  • Claudio Merulo, Kyrie (7.00), from Missa in Dominicis Diebus
  • Claudio Merulo, Gloria (9.00), from Missa in Dominicis Diebus
  • Andrea Gabrieli, Canzon ariosa [after the Epistle reading] (3.00)
  • Girolamo Cavazzoni, Credo, from the Mass In Dominicis Diebus (7.30)
  • Giovanni Gabrieli, Canzon prima “La spiritata” [Offertorio] (3.15)
  • Claudio Merulo, Sanctus, dalla Missa in Dominicis Diebus (2.00)
  • Claudio Merulo, Ricercar del quarto tuono [during the Elevazione] (3.40)
  • Claudio Merulo, Agnus Dei, from Missa in Dominicis Diebus (3.00)
  • Girolamo Cavazzoni,Canzon sopra Falt d’argent [Holy Communion] (3.20)
  • Claudio Merulo, Toccata Prima [dell’]Undecimo detto Quinto Tuono (5.30)
  • Girolamo Frescobaldi, Capriccio XI [con] Obligo di cantare la Quinta parte, senza toccarla (8.00)

Jean Jaquenod

was born in 1933. He completed his secondary school studies in Lausanne, where at the same time he began his musical education with Pierre Pidoux, continuing under the guidance of Pierre Segond in organ class at the Conservatory of Geneva, obtaining his professional organ diploma in 1955. There followed years abroad marked by three important events: the organs of the ancient Abbey of Souvigny (François-Henri Clicquot, 1783) and of San Petronio in Bologna (Lorenzo da Prato, 1475) but, in particular with the world-renowned German organ builder Jürgen Ahrend in 1967. After being Organist at Taizé from 1956 to 1978, he held the position of Organist at the Great Temple of Lyon from 1978 to 1981; he then lived in Payerne (Switzerland), where he was Organist for the Abbey church and the Parish church. He is also an honorary organist at the Cathedral of Lyon. He has performed in a remarkable amount of concerts in many European countries, such as Switzerland, France, Italy, and Germany, but also in the United States, Canada, and Iceland.

He now lives in Venice where he continues his activities as Organist for the Ahrend organ of San Salvador

(Massimo Bisson)

You can buy the cd online  (via paypal https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=87Y4ZUMPACC8N) or order it (pay cash on delivery) . In both cases, you will need to send an email with all your details to sansalvador@inwind.it.

20th May-31st May: special price € 10 plus shipping & handling; starting on 1st June the cd will cost € 15 plus shipping & handling.




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