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La facciata della Chiesa di S.SalvadorS. Salvador Church is located in the very heart of Venice, where everyday thousands of people fill the streets leading to St. Mark's Square, Rialto Bridge, the Accademia Galleries…People coming and going to the train station or Piazzale Roma also pass by our church. Many are tourists but many are commuters from nearby towns or Venetians going to work. Everyday thousands of office workers, shop owners and assistants, students and housewives pass through or stop to work or shop in this part of the city particularly important and central for its commercial activities.

It is a dynamic part of Venice. Our parish is small numerically but very active and loved by its parishioners. Our church is the spiritual centre for the Christian population of children, teenagers and adults who live nearby. Sunday Mass is where our community takes form and expresses all its unity and strength. The Lord's day is our special day, our moment of physical and spiritual communion.

Other important places of worship in our area are the parish Church of S. Salvador, the vicarial Church of S. Bartolomeo and the 'rectorate' Church of San Zulian. They are noteworthy for their very rich artistic and cultural heritage and may be visited every day of the week. There is no admission fee.

This web site has been conceived as an open door for a visitor: it is an invitation to be our guest and meet new people from all around the world , an extra incentive to those of you who are travelling along the 'paths of beauty', and also a splendid opportunity to partake in our community of friends. We are happy to extend our welcome to all of you. Our aim is to help you find practical information and historical or artistic routes regarding our Parish and city, as well as to be of assistance to those of you seeking information on our religious and cultural activities and initiatives.
It is a site for all visitors in the warmest of Christian tradition. Our purpose is also to give you the opportunity to get in touch with our parish and the Venetian diocesan community.


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